why shongololo?

As long as I can remember I have had pets, or else I have visited places where I can see animals and creatures of all kinds.

One of my stranger obsessions as a child was shongololo’s (millipedes to you non-Africans). I would wander around my mother’s garden, gathering as many as I could find under rocks, bricks, stones, and piles of leaves, then putting them together in a bucket so that I could pick up and play with the prettiest or biggest ones.

After that they would be taken to “my” garden — a patch under the plum tree next to the coal-shed — and released to do their ‘good works’ there.

Strange child, indeed… but then look at the dogs I love! Bull terriers. Hardly the beauty queens of the dog world, but simply fascinating and entertaining like no other breed.

This blog aims to be a collection of crazy animal stories, amusing links,  funny pictures and a celebration of the creatures who surround us, both wild and tame.


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